"About 70 percent of all languages currently spoken on Earth occur in approximately one-fourth of the planet's land area (excluding Antarctica) that is designated as a Biodiversity Hotspot or High Biodiversity Wilderness Area. As is the case with species occurring in the biodiversity regions, many of the languages spoken in the Hotspots and High Biodiversity Wilderness Areas are unique to individual regions, thereby marking the sole opportunities to maintain them. Moreover, many of the languages occurring in these regions are spoken by small numbers of people indicating that much of the linguistic diversity (and, by implication, cultural diversity) currently present in biodiversity regions is in danger of disappearing in the foreseeable future due to the high vulnerability of small groups to changes in their cultural systems and environments amid rapid globalization.” Through readings, class materials and lectures, this course introduces students to Earth's Biodiversity Hotspots and the linguistic and cultural groups that live in these hotspots. The course is co-taught by ACE and TEFL and sensitizes students to current linguistic and biodiversity issues. From: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~romaine/lingbiodiversity.html